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COLIN Co.: New Product Development
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Case (Field)
COLIN, a producer of garment care products headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, was working with a large U.S. retailer to produce the Bristol, an innovative garment steamer that the retailer wanted to launch for the 2017 U.S. Thanksgiving season. To meet that deadline, COLIN would have one month less than was typically needed to launch a new product. This launch date left COLIN with limited time for research and development, manufacturing, and marketing. Several managers at COLIN met to discuss the project, including how to choose the suppliers, whether to continue with an original equipment manufacturer model or move to an original design manufacturer model, how to ensure the product could be launched on time, and whether to use any of COLIN’S own core technologies. To make their decision, the managers needed to analyze several complicated issues.
Learning Objective:
This case is intended for MBA, post-graduate, and executive education courses in operations management or project management, particularly in a section dealing with outsourcing, original equipment manufacturing, original design manufacturing, quality management, or supplier selection. After completion of this case, students will understand the following:
  • the differences between original equipment manufacturers and original design manufacturers, including their respective advantages and disadvantages, and their applicability;
  • the frequently occurring issues when administering new-product development projects, including their reasons and solutions;
  • the methods of choosing suppliers; and
  • the nature of co-operation and competition with suppliers.
    Operations Management,  International
    China, Medium
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