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The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine: The Role of Character in Reform
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Case (Field)
In late 2014, the deputy minister of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence joined the public service, six months after Ukraine’s revolution and change of government. He joined the ministry as part of the new government’s attempt to reform a bureaucracy crippled by corruption, inefficiencies, and dysfunction. In six months, he had already made notable changes. However, by March 2015, the changes were not resulting in better outcomes where they were urgently needed—in the eastern regions, supporting a tactically and logistically crippled military that was resisting Russian attempts at incursion. What more could the deputy minister do to initiate and lead change?
Learning Objective:
This case is suitable for undergraduate, graduate, and executive education courses on leadership, organizational development, and leading change. After completion of this case, students will be able to:
  • describe organizational culture and how this culture and stakeholders can help or block organizational change;
  • explain why the competencies of a leader must be combined with character to successfully implement change initiatives in an organization;
  • explain how managerial expertise and leadership contribute to sustainable change; and
  • describe Kotter’s eight-step model of change and its relevance in analyzing change leadership.
    Organizational Behaviour/Leadership,  International
    Public Administration
    Ukraine, Medium, 2015
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