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Groupon India: A Management Buyout Decision
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Case (Field)
In early 2015, the chief executive officer and the management team of Groupon India, a subsidiary of U.S.-based Groupon Inc., faced a management buyout decision. Buoyed by a high growth rate and huge market potential in India, they wanted more India-specific product positioning and greater control over technology. They explored growth options available to the company, but faced the constraints of being part of a global conglomerate. The management team had narrowed its options to either starting a new venture or acquiring ownership of the subsidiary through a management buyout. How could they ensure they made the right decision?
Learning Objective:
This case is intended for postgraduate students in an MBA program, and is best suited to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance courses. It can also be used in investment banking or private equity and venture capital courses. After completion of the case, students will understand
  • the entrepreneurial finance framework;
  • the financing options over the life cycle of a venture;
  • the concept of a management buyout as a financing option for an entrepreneur;
  • the complexities involved in evaluating and structuring a management buyout deal, including term sheets, pre-money and post-money valuations, and equity dilution; and
  • both qualitative and quantitative factors affecting such a deal.
Information, Media & Telecommunications
India, 2015
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