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Club Sportif MAA: Staying Ahead of the Game
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16 pages (10 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
Club Sportif MAA (the MAA) was an iconic fitness club and athletic institution in Montreal and the oldest fitness facility in Canada. In early 2017, the club’s president and general manager faced a changing market and pressure to ensure that the club evolved and remained competitive. Consumer and fitness trends had increasingly fragmented the market in this area, and the MAA membership declined since 2016. The MAA, which traditionally served a fairly exclusive clientele, needed to examine its fitness, health, and social offerings to determine how to meet the evolving needs of a wider and increasingly diverse customer base without sacrificing the character of the brand. The president needed to decide how to preserve the MAA’s upmarket image while expanding its appeal. He needed to determine which market segments to target and how best to communicate the MAA’s offerings to these specific groups.
Learning Objective:
This case is suitable for undergraduate and MBA students in courses on brand management, services marketing, and marketing management. The case focuses on differentiation, segmentation, product offering, branding, and communication in light of a changing market. The case has three key learning objectives:
  • Understand differentiation, especially in the context of an iconic brand.
  • Understand segmentation and select a desired target market from among different segments.
  • Understand how targeting impacts the offering and marketing mix.
Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
Canada, Medium, 2017
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Translations: Simplified Chinese (16 pages)
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