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Apigee: People Management Practices and the Challenge of Growth
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Case (Field)
In late 2015, Apigee, a fast-growing technology firm, faced competitive pressures. It needed to scale up rapidly, which included hiring additional staff. At the regional office in India, some members of the senior leadership team wondered whether the company would need to modify its human resources practices. The firm had been operating in a unique organizational culture that encouraged employees’ openness and freedom, in keeping with its core values of passion, a bias for action, and respect. How could Apigee integrate its unique culture with the organization’s growth plans? The senior leadership team needed to decide how Apigee could retain its personalized approach, culture of freedom, and high levels of employee empowerment, as the company expanded both in size and scope.
Learning Objective:
The case is suitable for MBA and executive MBA classes in talent management or strategic human resource management. Students will discuss the scalability of people management practices in relation to talent acquisition, performance management, training, career management, and employee reward systems. The case can also be used to illustrate the role of human resource management practices in supporting organizational goals. The case has four primary learning objectives:
  • To examine innovative people management practices and their significance as differentiating factors and a source of sustained competitive advantage.
  • To examine how human resource activities can be designed to support an organization’s core values.
  • To evaluate strategies for scaling up people management practices that rely heavily on personalization and empowerment.
  • To critically analyze the role of leadership in driving innovation.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
Information, Media & Telecommunications
India, Medium, 2015
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