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KT Corporation: Offering New Insights in Customer Experience
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Case (Field)
In 2014, KT Corporation, one of South Korea’s leading telecommunications companies, successfully mapped each point of a customer’s interactions with the company. This was done by a team whose function was to identify customers’ pain points, known as critical quality parameters. The customers’ experiences were clustered into key areas of contact and customer satisfaction in each area was assessed, allowing quality innovation to be experience-based. Identifying customers’ unmet needs and developing innovative solutions were already leading to dramatic improvements in customer experience. However, more work needed to be done, especially in encouraging staff to take actions for improvement.
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This case is appropriate for undergraduate and graduate students, and also for marketers in professional development classes. The case illustrates how a company in a fiercely competitive market can differentiate itself with a good customer experience. Discussion is focused on identifying and addressing customers’ unmet needs to improve performance, establishing consistency between internal practices and customer satisfaction, and the requirements for internalizing marketing strategies. After completion of this case, student's will be able to
  • appreciate the fierce competition in the mobile communications industry;
  • isolate differentiation factors that provide a company with consistent advantages in a competitive, saturated market;
  • understand the concepts of customer value, customer experience innovation, and customer satisfaction;
  • explore new perspectives that allow customers’ unmet needs to be detected; and
  • develop customer value management strategies to maximize customer value.
    Information, Media & Telecommunications
    South Korea, Large, 2014
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