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Haiti: Energizing Socio-Economic Reform
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Case (Field)
The minister of Haiti’s Department of Energy Security needed to prepare a presentation for the country’s prime minister that proposed a solution for transforming Haiti’s energy infrastructure. Haiti wanted to attract foreign direct investment that would spur socio-economic reform; however, the opportunities depended on a solid energy infrastructure providing reliable electricity to businesses, which Haiti did not have. Also, the residents of Haiti were in dire need of a low-cost, reliable energy solution that would allow them to move away from biomass and petroleum products, which were expensive and bad for the environment. How should the minister structure his proposal? What criteria would be required to support a strategy that considered the energy value chain, types of public-private partnerships, and need for socio-economic reform?
Learning Objective:
This case is intended for graduate science and business courses in international business, strategy, or public policy. The case could also be used at the end of an undergraduate strategy or international business course, or in a seminar on social responsibility or management of technology. The case allows students to
  • identify the challenges and opportunities of socio-economic reform in a developing nation, with a particular emphasis on infrastructure requirements;
  • apply strategic management concepts in a not-for-profit country-level context (i.e., government); and
  • analyze the benefits and risks of different cooperative strategies (e.g., licensing, public-private partnerships, full privatization) aimed at identifying the decision criteria required to build a sustainable energy infrastructure that would advance socio-economic needs.
Entrepreneurship,  International,  General Management/Strategy
Haiti, Large, 2014
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