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Arcenciel: Transforming Threats into Opportunities
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Case (Field)
As a Lebanese non-governmental organization, Arcenciel (AeC) had successfully created several sustainable development programs and projects that addressed the needs of marginalized populations in Lebanon’s society. At the same time, AeC based its activities on an economic strategy that guaranteed financial independence from donations and public funding. This social entrepreneur had been able to develop and adjust its strategy in a very challenging environment over the course of several decades, successfully bridging the gap between non-profit objectives and the necessity to be financially profitable. In December 2015, the organization was about to win a prestigious national peace award in recognition of its research and activities. Government institutions, municipalities, and individuals alike had recently sought AeC’s assistance in dealing with a waste-management crisis. Although this project represented a useful opportunity for AeC to communicate its vision, the co-founder wondered whether the organization was prepared to assume a larger role in Lebanon or, even further, to introduce its concept abroad. He needed to think carefully about AeC’s evolution as well as its past success factors and the possibilities for expansion.
Learning Objective:
The case will allow students to do the following:
  • Understand social enterprises as an important form of business organization and identify critical factors for their success
  • Explain the role of social enterprises as civil society actors
  • Describe the basics of strategic planning, funding, and operations
  • Explain how organizations adapt their operations and strategies to changing circumstances
Entrepreneurship,  International,  General Management/Strategy
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Lebanon, Large, 2015
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