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Ramco Systems: Product Management
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Case (Field)
Ramco Systems Limited (Ramco) was a leading information technology (IT) product company and a pioneer in India, where the majority of IT companies were focused on services. It created three world-class products that drove its growth: a cloud-based enterprise resource planning system, a human capital management system, and aviation software. In 2016, the company was enjoying impressive growth, making profits, and acquiring new clients from around the world. At this point, the chief executive officer had to decide how to balance more rapid innovation with product stabilization. He needed to build structures, processes, and a corporate culture that would enable Ramco to continue to grow. At the same time, he needed to consider the ways new technologies were changing clients’ requirements for newer product features—such as the use of mobility or cloud computing. Should the company adopt a mobile-only or mobile-also strategy? Should it incorporate features from social-media platforms as product features? Should it provide its products via software installed at clients’ premises, or should products be available on the cloud, via software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscriptions?
Learning Objective:
This case can be used as a part of a course on product management, product innovation, marketing management, product portfolio management, and strategy. It is ideally suited to students of marketing and strategy at the post-graduate level. After working through the case and assignment questions, students should be able to do the following:
  • Describe relevant theoretical conceptualizations of products as a synthesis of goods and services.
  • Explain product management processes in an IT and IT-enabled services company, and list their possible applications in other industries.
  • Describe product philosophy and explain how it is put into practice as product strategy and in preparation of a product roadmap.
  • Explain how to create an effective product management company.
  • List the stages of product development and management processes.
  • Discuss the revenue and business model of a product company in the IT sector.
  • Summarize the role of a leader in institutionalizing a culture of innovation in an organization.
Marketing,  International
Information, Media & Telecommunications
India, Large, 2016
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