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Coinmen Consultants LLP: Adopting a Technology-Based Learning Culture
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Case (Field)
In 2016, the three co-founders of Coinmen Consultants LLP (Coinmen), an independent business advisory and chartered accountancy firm in New Delhi, faced a dilemma with respect to the knowledge management process at their firm. Due to the firm’s rapid growth, a change was certainly necessary, but the partners held some reservations about adopting a technological process for knowledge-sharing in their company. Would the implementation of a knowledge management system have a negative impact on the learning culture of Coinmen by providing the employees with ready-made solutions? Would it make employees dependent on technology, thus compromising their personal development? How could Coinmen ensure that the new technology would be used in combination with—not instead of— employee expertise? And finally, after a knowledge management system was introduced, should Coinmen also consider implementing a human resources information system and talent analytics?
Learning Objective:
This case is suitable for use in postgraduate programs, management development programs, and leadership development workshops. In postgraduate programs, instructors could use this case when teaching courses in human resources management, human resources information systems, organizational behaviour, entrepreneurship, and consulting management. After completion of this case students will be able to
  • appreciate the need for effective implementation and handling of a knowledge management system in a way that maintains the organization’s culture of learning;
  • understand knowledge management strategies and their impact on company culture; and
  • evaluate the need for and implications of implementing human resources information system and talent analytics.
Entrepreneurship,  Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
India, Small, 2016
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