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The Access to Medicine Index (A): Engaging Stakeholders and Attracting Funding
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Case (Field)
The founder of the Access to Medicine Foundation, based in the Netherlands, had a goal to research and publish a biannual, global survey of pharmaceutical companies and their rankings, in terms of their effects in providing needed medicines to people in developing countries. When the first two iterations of the Access to Medicine Index (ATMI) were published in 2008 and 2010 (see case A), the most prominent challenges were engaging stakeholders—government, pharmaceutical firms, nonprofit organizations, investors, and others—and securing funding to support ongoing research and analyses. In 2016, the founder was preparing for the ATMI’s fifth iteration (see case B, 9B17M011), and he had a three-point focus: to improve engagement with pharmaceutical companies in an effort to increase the effect of the ATMI on companies’ practices; to incorporate the views of patients into the ATMI; and to engage with governments and regulators in the developing countries, where citizens were in need of access to medicines.
Learning Objective:
This case is suitable for undergraduate and MBA students in courses in public policy, not-for-profit organizations, corporate social responsibility/sustainability, social enterprises, healthcare policy, international business, and emerging markets. It is particularly suited for classes that address stakeholder management, the role of not-for-profit organizations, the global market for medicines, business ethics, social entrepreneurship, and healthcare policy, with a particular focus on emerging markets. After completing the case, students will be able to:
  • identify the interests of various stakeholders and explain how a not-for-profit organization capitalized on an opportunity;
  • recognize the challenges faced by the principal of a not-for-profit organization in creating change;
  • understand the workings of multi-stakeholder initiatives; and
  • identify the public health issues in emerging markets and the role of pharmaceutical companies in addressing those challenges.
    International,  General Management/Strategy
    Social Advocacy Organizations
    Netherlands, Small, 2016
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