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L'Itineraire Community Group Inc.: Future Direction
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Case (Field)
L’Itinéraire Community Group was a not-for-profit organization located in Montréal, Quebec. It published a French-language magazine that was sold by homeless and socially marginalized people in the city. The group’s management committee was examining ways of raising additional funds because of the reduction in contributions from traditional sources such as government subsidies. Options included targeting the magazine to the Anglophone and immigrant communities in Montréal, targeting regions outside of Montréal, and producing a digital version of the magazine. The digital option had the additional constraint that the vendors of the magazine, the homeless and socially marginalized, would not be involved in selling. How should the organization deal with this issue?
Learning Objective:
The case was written for a course in marketing strategy. It can be used at both the undergraduate and MBA levels. Because of the nature of the organization, the case can also be used in a course on not-for-profit marketing. It is particularly relevant in not-for-profit settings because many of these organizations have been forced to develop their own initiatives for generating funds, which is the case with L’Itinéraire Community Group and their magazine. The case could also be used in any course where market definition, size, and segmentation is an important part of the course content. Using this case, students will to do the following:
  • Evaluate a variety of marketing options before making a decision.
  • Identify and evaluate geographic and demographic markets before making a decision.
  • Evaluate the option of going digital where the traditional medium was print.
  • Evaluate the economics of a decision in a non-profit setting.
Social Advocacy Organizations
Canada, Small, 2016
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