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Coaching By Numbers
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Professional coaching, one of the fastest-growing professions in the world, helps individuals and teams achieve their best. However, while individual coaching is a recognized tool, coaching task-performing executive teams is not as well established or understood. No matter what title and company are on one’s business card, the ability to lead positive change is an essential skill. But executing successful transformations is not simple: the failure rate of change programs is around 70 per cent. Getting from dilemma to solution is strategic, demanding creative responses within a coaching methodology built on team agreement; a cycle of energizing, redesigning, and gelling; and a dialogic approach to learning. To better communicate winning aspirations and select the guiding principles and rules that a team commits to throughout a coaching journey, a team charter can be designed before any coaching begins. Designing the charter can be a powerful way to introduce team coaching, and later, the charter can be critical if the team goes off track or becomes dysfunctional. Ultimately, team coaching is an act of positive leadership. It should be highlighted in the talent development portfolios of enterprises in order to emphasize team development and performance effectiveness.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
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