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Ingredient Branding & Supply Chain Transparency in yhe Jeanswear Industry: The Isko Case
D'Amato, Iolanda; Rinaldi, Francesca Romana
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32 pages
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Case (Field)
SDA Bocconi School of Management
ISKO is the global leading player in premium denim. The company has the main goal of better managing and orchestrating its denim supply chain, to become more visible on the final market at B2B2C level and to become “the key ingredient” in this segment. In the same industry, other players share the same ambitions such as Archroma. On the other hand, several brands such as Patagonia, Guess, Haikure, Levi’s, Diesel and Nudie Jeans are looking to ingredient branding projects as differentiation opportunities.
The case study helps facilitating the classroom discussion on the following topics: supply chain complexity, orchestration, sustainability, ingredient branding projects, innovation and supply chain transparency in the denim and jeanswear industry.
Students will also engage in a role-playing during which they will play the role of different companies and will have to decide which ingredient branding projects should be implemented for the following year. They will learn the main implications to be considered in the different supplier/customer perspectives, the main complexities and trade-offs to be managed in those projects.
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