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Patient Room of the Future: User-Oriented Innovation
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Case (Field)
In 2014, the Patient Room of the Future (PRoF) was the largest European open innovation consortium in the healthcare sector. Established in 2009 by a group of manufacturers who were suppliers to the health care sector, PRoF brought more than 300 professionals from multiple disciplines and industries together to think about and contribute to the future of the health care industry. The consortium derived its power from a novel interdisciplinary approach, resulting in the successful completion of four projects. Yet its future presented many unanswered questions: How would PRoF continue to provide an innovative and dynamic environment for its members and stakeholders in the healthcare sector? How would PRoF’s projects achieve large-scale adoption, and what resources were needed to do that? What was the next step in the consortium’s development?
Learning Objective:
This case study is ideal for MBA students or executive education students taking innovation management, entrepreneurship, innovation ecosystems and change management, and leadership courses. The primary objective of the case is to introduce students to a novel, open approach to creating innovations and innovative concepts in the healthcare sector—a sector that has been traditionally paralyzed by regulations and fossilized ways of thinking. Customer-centric innovation ecosystems are relatively unexplored as a means of bringing together organizations to generate pioneering themes, yet the PRoF consortium had been very successful doing just that. PRoF’s success was built on a combination of several factors:
  • Powerful organizational innovation to inject novel ideas into the sector
  • A new process of generating and evaluating ideas
  • A balance between commercial and non-commercial thinking, and informal and adaptive governance
  • A specific way to manage innovations collectively
General Management/Strategy,  Entrepreneurship,  International
Health Care Services
Belgium, Small, 2014
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