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Ultrabrand's Journey to a Smarter Web Analytics Product Offering
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13 pages (10 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
In October 2014, the chief executive officer (CEO) of a high-end, invite-only digital branding firm was contemplating which (if any) web analytics service the company should offer to its clients. The CEO knew that in order to justify the high price his firm charged its executive and celebrity clientele, all ancillary services like web analytics reporting would have to be just as extravagant and just as functional as the core product—branded website design. With three web analytics options on the table, all with relatively similar characteristics yet vastly different price points, the firm had to identify the differentiated advantages of each option.
Learning Objective:
The Ultrabrand web analytics case is a comprehensive case designed to provide undergraduate or graduate students with an introduction to the value proposition of web analytics and to vendor selection decisions. The case provides students with some background and insight on the following issues:
  • What is web analytics, and why might an organization want to use it?
  • How do organizations evaluate technology-product expansion decisions in order to stay relevant to their clients?
  • What are the different deployment options for information technologies?
Entrepreneurship,  Information Systems
Information, Media & Telecommunications
Canada; United States, Small, 2014
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