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The Kitchener Rangers Hockey Club: Skating into the Future
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Case (Field)
In 2015, the chief operating officer of the Kitchener Rangers Hockey Club had to consider short- and long-term options to maintain and increase the success of the organization. Given its strong community support, the Kitchener Rangers Hockey Club was in the enviable position of having an 800-person waiting list for season tickets; however, this scenario caused a perception that games were always sold out, which discouraged a new generation of fans from attending. Given the organization's nonprofit governance model, any plan the chief operating officer considered would have to be adopted by the players and staff, as well as ticket holders, fans, local municipalities, and community residents. Possible courses of action included building a larger stadium, leveraging new marketing opportunities, and bidding for control of stadium concessions. How could the Kitchener Rangers Hockey Club continue its success while attracting a new generation of fans?
Learning Objective:
This case would be most appropriate for capstone courses in strategic and general management at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It would also be ideal for specialized business courses in nonprofit management. While working on this case, students will:
  • consider the positioning of nonprofit organizations in industries with a mix of profit and nonprofit companies;
  • identify and assess the company’s strategy and current performance, with a focus on determining whether the existing strategy aligns with the internal and external environments;
  • recognize the importance and influence of sports organizations in the local community; and
  • determine and evaluate opportunities for strategic action for the focal company over the short term and the long term.
General Management/Strategy
Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Recreation
Canada, Small, 2015
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