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The Case Project Guide: How to Write a Great Business Case as a Class Project
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Writing a business case as a class project is an effective way to help students integrate theory and practice, build a tolerance for ambiguity, develop critical thinking skills, and improve their writing ability. However, implementing a case writing project in the classroom can be both difficult and time-consuming. The Case Project Guide is designed to make this process easier. This field-tested guide walks students (alone or in groups) through the entire case writing process, including how to structure a case, collect data, define key problems and concepts, write a teaching note, and get a case published. Detailed specifications are included for structured assignments so instructors (even those with no case writing experience themselves) can quickly and easily integrate a case writing project into any traditional or online class (or independent study initiative).

Learning Objectives: This guide is suitable for use in executive education, senior undergraduate, MBA, and other graduate-level business programs in any course, including marketing, organizational behavior, human resources, strategic management, operations, finance, information systems, leadership, etc.
  • Improve creative thinking, critical thinking, information literacy, inquiry and analysis, integrative learning, problem solving, reading, and written communication
  • Gain experience with real businesses
  • Gauge and/or demonstrate aptitude for scholarly work
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