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Yoyo Wallet: Entering the Mobile Payment Space in the United States
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Case (Field)
Yoyo Wallet, a technology start-up headquartered in London, United Kingdom, developed a mobile application for smartphones to facilitate in-store payments and loyalty data collection. Inspired by the success of Starbucks’ loyalty-integrated mobile application, Yoyo Wallet strove to become the ultimate tool for retailers in enhancing customer experience. The company planned to enter the mobile payment industry in the United States; however, Yoyo had to compete with existing wallets (like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay), navigate through the uncertainty of the industry’s future, and adapt their strategy to the competitive environment in the United States.
Learning Objective:
This case is ideal for a strategy or information technology course at the undergraduate or MBA level and is most relevant to the topic of creating a strategy in an emerging technology industry amongst significant uncertainty. The learning objectives are as follows:
  • To understand strategic issues of dealing with the uncertainty of a new, evolving, technology-based industry from the perspective of a start-up entrant
  • To analyze whether the business model of Yoyo Wallet and its competitors offers stable competitive advantages
  • To understand how other stakeholders (banks and retailers) can affect the industry outcome
General Management/Strategy,  Entrepreneurship,  International
Information, Media & Telecommunications
United Kingdom, Small, 2015
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