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Amul's IT-Enabled Service Delivery to Dairy Farmers
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Case (Field)
Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Limited (Kaira Union), a member union of the popular dairy brand Amul, was using information technology (IT)-enabled services to benefit individual dairy farmers with very small herd sizes in India. The technical inputs, such as veterinary services, were provided through veterinary centres located near clusters of villages. To improve service delivery, better manage inventory, deploy veterinarians, and manage their routes, the union had established a centralized veterinary call centre staffed at all hours of the day. The call centre had resulted in considerable savings in the cost of service and improved the efficiency of service delivery. The managing director of Kaira Union wanted to extend the call centre to include the union’s operations in the states of Maharashtra and West Bengal. However, he was not sure whether the current architecture was capable of facing the challenge. Kaira Union needed to develop a proposal for the expansion.
Learning Objective:
This case will be useful for MBA courses on supply chain and information systems management. The case requires a basic understanding of supply chain management, exposure to IT infrastructure, software engineering principles, and enterprise systems like enterprise resource planning. The objectives of the case are to help students understand the following concepts:
  • Service-oriented architecture principles for small entrepreneurs in the supply chain
  • Use of IT-enabled services through the Internet of Things
Information Systems,  International
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
India, Large, 2014
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