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WestJet: A New Social Media Strategy
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Case (Field)
In October 2015, WestJet, Canada’s second largest airline, needed to expand its social media presence. The vice-president of marketing and communications and the manager of social media were excited about the prospects of continuing to grow their customer base and reach even more guests through social media. WestJet had developed a highly successful approach to managing social media, and now the two executives were faced with two new possible social platforms: Snapchat and Pinterest. With an economy in decline and a flat marketing budget for 2016, they had a decision to make. Should the company pursue either of these platforms for the coming year, and if so, how? Which one would be best for the growth and evolution of WestJet’s social media presence?
Learning Objective:
This case is suitable for use in MBA and other graduate-level management programs in courses on services marketing, finance, and growth and management of large businesses. After completion of the case, students will be able to
  • assess popular new social media (Snapchat and Pinterest);
  • explore and consider a range of other new social media that can help companies stay connected to customers while using new media as a competitive mechanism; and
  • identify benefits and risks of investing deeply in new social media as part of an existing social media strategy when budgets are constrained.
    Information Systems
    Transportation and Warehousing
    Canada, Large, 2015
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