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Socially Responsible Investment Funds in France: Regulations and Retail (A)
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Case (Pub Mat)
In 2012, the French government was faced with the challenge of setting the standards for socially responsible investment funds. A broader issue was the set of roles and responsibilities that regulators needed to take to ensure the best interest of society and the retail market. Retail consumers were different from institutional clients because they were numerous, they may not have had access to the same information available to more sophisticated investors, and because their thoughts on the financial markets were most likely to be based on what they had read and heard in the news. The government had to decide how to go about creating standards that could be applied to socially responsible investment funds. Also see supplement 9B16N017.
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The case is suitable for use in an MBA or EMBA class in a finance or strategy course to illustrate the difficulties in reaching an agreement on a common standard. After completion of the case, students will understand the challenges represented by competing standards and the diverse interests and incentives of various players in the industry.
Finance,  International
Public Administration
France, Large, 2012
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Supplements: 9B16N017 (7 pages)
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