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Ramcides: Growing Pains for a Family-Run Business in an Emerging Market
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Case (Field)
During the Holi festival in March 2012, the managing director of Ramcides, a family-run agrochemical business, was considering the path of the company that his eldest brother had started in 1973. Ramcides had a goal to achieve US$50 million in revenues by March 2014 and $130 million in the following five years. The managing director reflected on whether the company was on the right path towards achieving that objective. Much had changed since an infusion of private equity from a venture capital firm in 2008, but there was still much to be done. There was also the matter of the venture capital firm’s planned exit, and where the company would then secure additional funding. All the stakeholders were clear on promoting the future growth and success of Ramcides, but the next three to five years were a critical time of transition. What needed to be done to ensure continued success? The current manager viewed himself as the managing director in transition—the bridge between Ramcides’s history as a family-run firm and its future as a professionalized agrochemical company.
Learning Objective:
This case can be used as part of a course in strategic management at the undergraduate or graduate level, covering growth and internationalization strategies for a family-run business. The students should have some degree of understanding of financial issues, especially venture capital and currency risk. After completion of this case, students should be able to meet the following learning objectives:
  • Determine how Ramcides should handle and prioritize the issues it faces in terms of growth and professionalization
  • Know how a business manages a leadership transition from a family-run firm to a professional business
  • Analyze the role of private equity infusion in a business
  • Evaluate the issues related to international versus domestic growth
International,  General Management/Strategy,  Entrepreneurship
India, Medium, 2012
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