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Creating Revenue Streams for VOSS
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Case (Field)
In 2010, the recently appointed chief executive officer of VOSS Water (VOSS), a Norwegian luxury bottled water company, had been given an opportunity to take the brand in a new direction. He knew that take-home retail markets represented a huge opportunity for growth for a company that was used to selling its water in on-premises, luxury locations such as resorts and restaurants; however, the company’s past attempts to grow into the retail space had produced dismal results. VOSS’s new leader understood that he would have to work hard to unite his team behind his vision. How could he learn from the steps of his predecessors and use hindsight to create an opportunity for the luxury water brand?
Learning Objective:
This case is intended for classes in international business, entrepreneurship, food and beverage operations, and strategy. The objective for the case is for students to analyze the position of VOSS and determine a path for success. Key learning objectives include the following:

  • Discussion of the strategy of creating a company that will be obtained by a larger company: How does creating a company around an exit strategy affect growth, and how can a change in the acquisition plan affect a new strategy for the company?

  • Discussion of the growth of an international company: How do company culture, purchasing power, and past experiences affect a company’s ability to expand?

  • Understanding how a company moves into new market segments: What determines the success or failure of selling to a new market segment? What are the risks of moving from an exclusive premium segment to greater availability?
Entrepreneurship,  International,  General Management/Strategy
Accommodation & Food Services
Norway; USA, Small, 2010
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