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AltaGas Ltd.: Forrest Kerr Hydroelectric Project
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Case (Field)
AltaGas Ltd. (AltaGas), an energy company based in Calgary, Alberta, successfully collaborated with the Canadian federal government, British Columbia’s provincial government, and a First Nations group to reach an agreement for constructing a large, green energy, hydroelectric project in a remote location in northern British Columbia. Although most observers considered the agreement to be a resounding success, the founder and chief executive officer of AltaGas worried that the hardest work was yet to come. Believing that success could be measured only in terms of social value, he wondered how the project could sustain positive community impact for the entire 60-year duration of the commercial agreement.
Learning Objective:
This case could be used effectively in both undergraduate and graduate courses, or in modules on organizational behaviour, negotiation, business ethics, leadership, values, conflict, character, diversity, and corporate social responsibility. Objectives are:
  • To explore the differences between distributive and integrative (or principled) bargaining.
  • To appreciate the environmental, organizational, and societal factors that can affect a business agreement during the implementation phase.
  • To think about the dimensions of leader character and how these aspects of leadership fit with the financial goals of an organization.
  • To consider the importance of social impact (from a non-ethnocentric perspective) to business decisions, especially in the long term.
    Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
    Canada, Large, 2014
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