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Deep Roots Distillery
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Case (Field)
By September 2015, Deep Roots Distillery (DRD) had been operating for 22 months. While starting up had taken a little longer than originally estimated, material progress was now evident. By November 2015, the company expected to have six of its products (either spirits or liqueurs) available in the Prince Edward Island liquor store outlets. However, numerous questions remained for DRD’s owner and his small, family-run business. Given capital and resource constraints, how could DRD grow into a competitive business? How should time be allocated between research and development, production, marketing, and administration? Would the start-up’s current product/market strategy allow it to achieve its goals? If not, which expansion route should DRD take?
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This case is intended for use in a strategic management or entrepreneurship course. Within a strategy course, the case could be used near the beginning to underscore the need to have a very clear product/market strategy — one which demonstrates a competitive advantage.

Within an entrepreneurship course, the case may be used in a section dealing with small (family) businesses and/or start-ups. A complementary family business case is “Prince Edward Island Preserve Company: Turnaround” (Ivey Publishing product no. 9B08M049). Both PEI Preserves and DRD depend in part on tourism.

A portion of the case also deals with marketing. DRD’s founders need to prioritize their efforts among more than 20 marketing steps undertaken to date.
General Management/Strategy,  Entrepreneurship
Accommodation & Food Services
Canada, Small, 2015
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