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Walmart China - Supply Chain Transformation
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Case (Field)
In late September 2015, the senior vice-president of supply chain management at Walmart China was preparing for a meeting in Bentonville, Arkansas, where she was expected to make a presentation detailing plans for Walmart China's network of distribution centres. The investment in infrastructure would be the next major step in the organization's supply chain transformation. The case provides an opportunity to explore issues related to supply chain strategy in the context of an evolving economic environment in China. Students are expected to assess pending investments in supply chain infrastructure, including evaluation of the quantitative and qualitative aspects related to two competing distribution centre models.
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This case can be used in an elective in supply chain management or logistics, in either an undergraduate or MBA program. It provides an opportunity to examine the financial and strategic trade-offs of two distribution centre models as part of the evolution of Walmart China's supply chain strategy. The instructor can delve into issues related to supply chain strategy and the role of distribution centres in global supply chains. The backdrop of a supply chain transformation at Walmart China provides an especially interesting context.
Operations Management,  International
Retail Trade
China, Large, 2015
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