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Conflict at Mehra, Jindal and Associates
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Case (Field)
A recent law-school graduate is delighted to land a job as a junior associate at an up-and-coming legal firm in New Delhi, India. In spite of his initial enthusiasm for the job, after just three months, the young man is on the brink of quitting. The firm has failed to meet its promises with respect to compensation and the nature of the work assigned. After many fruitless attempts to rectify the situation, the young associate is left feeling powerless, cheated and angry. A series of futile arguments with his immediate superior have left him all the more bitter, as he believes that his boss holds some sort of personal grudge against him. He now wonders whether he should quit this job he so desperately wanted, or tough it out and wait for things to get better.
Learning Objective:
The case can be used in an introductory course on organizational behaviour, where it can illustrate the various ways that conflict arises and is often mismanaged. The case exposes students to the following issues:
  • Conflict in the workplace.
  • Power and influence.
  • Organizational justice.
  • Workplace ethics.
  • Workplace communication.
  • Addressing the concerns of subordinates.
  • Managing difficult bosses.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership,  International
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India, Small, 2007
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