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Rebranding in the Don’t-Blink Age
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For many firms it is time for an image checkup, especially if their budget, direction and markets have changed along with consumer attention trends. Everyone knows how important it is to make a good impression. But understanding how little time there is to do so is equally crucial, especially if firms want to ensure that their marketing materials are sufficient. Research suggests that firms have just a matter of seconds to attract the average person’s attention — and that’s assuming the targeted eyeballs in question are even looking their brand’s way. Firms should understand how best to reach target customers. Most users navigate digital media through sustained attention, selective attention, or alternating attention. Companies should examine their marketing materials and discard anything outdated. They should reflect on their culture and current approach to marketing. If they have made any changes to the company (new names, new slogans, new approaches, etc.) and not informed the market, then they need to make some announcements. Ultimately, they must think long and hard about their future vision and direction and communicate these to their audience.
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