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C&D Hotel, Xiamen (Simplified Chinese Version)
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Case (Field)
The C&D Hotel, the first five-star deluxe hotel in Xiamen, a coastal city in China, needs to improve its service delivery process. In particular, the hotel’s customer service manager needs to present her plans for handling some recent customer complaints and decide how to compensate hotel guests for errors that have occurred during service delivery.
Learning Objective:
This case is suitable for courses in operations management or service operations management, particularly in a section dealing with service system design (in the hospitality industry), cultural differences and different customers having different expectations. This case has the following learning objectives:

  • To resolve the problem of customer complaints.
  • To fulfill the different requirements and expectations of different customers with the intent of improving the overall service operations management system.
  • To understand the basic concepts of service operations management, and the typical differences between the productions of services and goods.
  • To learn the service system design matrix and service fail-safe.
  • To understand customer contact variabilities and the appropriate accommodation strategies, especially regarding the cultural differences between Western and Asian customers.
  • To learn rules from behavioural science and apply them to service operations.
Operations Management,  International
Accommodation & Food Services
China, Large, 2014
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