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Channel Change at the BIG PASTURE in Inner Mongolia
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Case (Field)
BIG PASTURE Animal Husbandry Company (Group) Co., Ltd. (BIG PASTURE) had achieved great success after nearly 10 years of development. It had started as a ready-to-eat food processing factory that supplied individually owned stores and franchises with self-produced food. Since then, its product line was extended to include fresh and processed beef and mutton. At the same time, BIG PASTURE undertook a major shift from company-operated stores to community convenience stores, further fostering its community economy. However, since the rapid development of e-commerce had contributed toward the success of many local sellers in China, BIG PASTURE saw the possibility of a breakthrough. Thus, the major challenges facing the company included creating a national market through e-commerce and developing community economies.
Learning Objective:
After studying this case, students should understand the following concepts:
  • The organization model and implementation background of marketing channels.
  • Different companies adopt different channel strategies in fierce competition between channels, but the only suitable channel is the best channel.
  • The O2O model is the optimal combination of online and offline channels and attempts to solve the conflict between the electronic direct channel and the traditional channel.
Marketing,  International
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
China, Medium, 2014
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