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How to Build a Healthy Leadership Pipeline
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When it comes to the development of future leaders, even the best CEOs can fail to give pipeline building the attention it deserves. Leadership pipelines should be viewed in the same way that an energy firm thinks about building pipelines that carry oil to market. In other words, it requires time, attention and significant financial resources. This article offers three steps that executives can follow to build a leadership pipeline. First, when developing a strong leadership pipeline, it is important to identify and target employees with the most potential for leadership positions. Second, organizations need to ensure that employees are able to develop in roles that push them beyond comfort zones. Finally, firms must invest in their leadership pipelines through executive development programs, executive coaching and mentorship initiatives. Such investments signal a commitment to future leaders, and when valued employees see this they double down on commitment to the organization. Smart companies do not spend money on leadership development in an attempt to buy employee loyalty; they invest money because not investing in people will always come back to haunt them.
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