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Cameco Corporation: Partnering with Aboriginal Communities
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10 pages (9 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
The director of corporate responsibility at Cameco Corporation, a global uranium mining company, is debating whether to engage in formal negotiations leading to a partnership with a remote First Nations community in northern Saskatchewan, and if so, how. The director knows that a partnership may be costly upfront but it might also lead to future opportunities. Keenly aware of the need to manage rapidly growing expectations within the First Nations community, while also managing the expectations of long-term partners, the director needs to decide on a way forward that will deliver the best results for all concerned.
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The purpose of the case is to identify and evaluate the key issues that companies need to consider when forming partnerships with Aboriginal peoples, and how this process relates to elements of corporate social responsibility that involve community investment, reputation and access to resources. Generally, the discussion material addresses the negotiation of contractual agreements with Indigenous communities. Specifically, it looks at the historical context of a mature corporation that has an established record of a proactive, open and inclusive approach to building, managing and evolving partnerships across a diverse set of stakeholder groups and communities with different needs and capacities. Also highlighted are issues important to Canadian-based natural resource extraction companies, including the duty to consult, the licence to operate, and regulatory change and competition in both local and global markets. This case is suitable for courses in strategy, negotiations, sustainability, ethics and corporate social responsibility, and the alignment of international business with the natural resource extraction industry.
General Management/Strategy
Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction
Canada, Large, 2012
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