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Challenging Sports Authority in Puerto Rico
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10 pages (7 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
In 2014, Shooting & Outdoor Distributor (SOD) was a Puerto Rican family-owned wholesale business selling sporting goods for hunting and fishing. After a year of working for the company, the operations manager was confronted with the arrival of a U.S. retail chain, Sports Authority (SA), to the Puerto Rican market. SA carried many sporting goods sold by SOD, as well as a number of brands under exclusive distribution agreements between SOD and its U.S. manufacturers. Even though SA was a retailer, due to its size, it had the power to negotiate better prices with manufacturers than SOD and pass those deals on to the final customer. SOD’s operations manager was considering three options for combating this competition: 1) Develop private branding for a new rifle product; 2) Open SOD retail stores not operating close to SA or to its retail clients; and/or 3) Expand SOD to other Latin American and Caribbean markets where no competition was present.
Learning Objective:
Upon analyzing the case, students should be able to:
  • Identify the use of guerrilla and/or blue ocean marketing tactics.
  • Analyze a company’s financial health prior to the development of a new strategy.
  • Provide advice to company leaders as they develop a competitive strategy.
Entrepreneurship,  Marketing,  International
Wholesale Trade
Puerto Rico, Small, 2014
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