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Mygola.com: Deciding Its Place in the Online Travel Market
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Case (Field)
In the dynamic online travel industry, the founders of mygola.com (mygola) needed to decide on the company’s future growth trajectory. The online travel industry was booming, but online travel planning was at a relatively nascent stage. In the travel-planning space, mygola’s initial service offering had been well received but the need to scale up was pressing. The existing product leveraged technological efficiencies and human judgment to provide customized answers for users’ travel queries. The new product, on the other hand, could change mygola’s way of doing business going forward. Though it was untested, it had the potential to put mygola on a higher growth path. The choice of product would mean that mygola would have to make a host of other decisions regarding the business. The decisions that the co-founders had to make could very well turn out to be the most important in mygola’s growth story.
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This case is suitable for a course in entrepreneurship. It details the journey of an entrepreneurial venture since inception and presents a typical dilemma of an Internet start-up as it navigates a fast-changing industry — whether to go ahead with a new product concept with its potential for high growth and attendant implications, or to continue with the company’s existing service offering which has found user acceptance.

The case has three primary learning objectives. First, it can be used to understand how new entrepreneurial ventures grow through modifications and iterations to the product and business model. Second, this case can be used to understand the typical explore versus exploit dilemma faced by organizations. Third, this case can be used to learn how businesses function in an Internet economy and the difference in performance metrics relevant for Internet businesses versus traditional businesses.
General Management/Strategy,  International,  Entrepreneurship
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India, Small, 2012
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