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Sai Marine Exports at a Crossroads
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Case (Field)
Sai Marine Exports Pvt. Ltd. (SMEPL) had been in business for 20 years and had established itself as one of the major Indian shrimp exporters, with the United States and European Union as its primary markets. Following unprecedented market conditions due to early mortality syndrome affecting the exports of leading Southeast Asian shrimp-exporting countries in 2009, Indian companies were at a competitive advantage. SMEPL’s revenues had increased significantly from 2010 to 2014. Its current markets, the United States and Europe, were lucrative, but SMEPL’s chairman feared the risks of concentration in only two markets. Should SMEPL penetrate deeper into the U.S. and E.U. markets or enter new international markets like Japan and China?
Learning Objective:
This case can be used in both MBA programs and executive development programs. It is suitable for courses on strategic management, international business and global marketing. It is recommended that the case be used in a session that deals with developing strategic choices. The case will:

  • Familiarize management students/executives with business in global contexts.
  • Make students analyze various segments of global markets and understand trends.
  • Enable students to do SWOT and PEST analyses.
  • Make students understand strategy and make strategic choices.
General Management/Strategy,  International
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India, Small, 2014
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