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Case (Field)
Starting with a small pilot centre in Hyderabad in 2010, a chain of quality dialysis centres had grown to 25 centres by mid-2014, with plans to expand to 100 by 2017. As they planned for this growth, the three co-founders had several questions with respect to NephroPlus's business model, partners, staff, systems, processes and culture playing on their minds. With the threat of competition looming large, they knew that they had to work hard to achieve both high quality and affordability as they continued with their fast-paced growth.
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This case can be used in graduate level and executive MBA courses on health care management, entrepreneurship, and innovation to broaden the students’ knowledge of and business competencies in health sector management by exploring unmet needs in health care markets and examining innovative health care service delivery models to meet those needs from an entrepreneurial perspective. The objectives of this case are as follows:
  • To highlight the importance and need for innovations in health care delivery necessary to address the dearth of affordable health care in developing economies such as India, especially for ailments that affect very large numbers of people such as kidney disease.
  • To learn the entrepreneurial qualities needed to build an organization.
  • To underscore the tension between offering high quality and affordability.
  • To understand the key challenges that entrepreneurs face in scaling up their organization.
General Management/Strategy,  Entrepreneurship,  International
Health Care Services
India, Medium, 2014
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