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Vietnam's Embrace of ICT for Economic Development: Success and Future Challenges
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Case (Library)
Vietnam has made impressive economic gains over a period of three decades, following the Doi Moi reforms of 1986. Before reform, the country’s socialist economy had been unable to displace the poverty that had plagued the country in the aftermath of the Vietnam War. After reform, Vietnam has experienced many years of sustained growth, as evidenced by its advances on several economic performance rankings. By 2014, Vietnam's rankings compared favourably with those of many of its Asian neighbours. A major feature of the country’s strategy for economic development was its emphasis on information and computing technologies. Students will analyze Vietnam's past successes to extract lessons that can lead to additional future success.
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This case is appropriate for use in a course on the role of business and/or technology in international development, or in a focused course on the potential of information and computing technologies to create value at the level of an overall economy. Students will identify the prerequisite elements of an ecosystem to enable economic development and examine and understand one approach to meeting such prerequisites. They are also challenged to understand how technical capabilities can fuel growth and how organizations and countries can create and implement strategies for developing physical and knowledge assets to sustain robust growth.
Information Systems,  International
Information, Media & Telecommunications
Vietnam, 1985-2015
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