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Boldly Go: Character Drives Leadership at Providence Healthcare
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Case (Field)
AWARD WINNING CASE – This case won the Responsible Leadership category at the 2015 EFMD Case Writing Competition. The president and CEO of Providence Healthcare needs to devise a plan to sustain positive change at the health care company. In just four years, she has led the organization through massive change and turnaround, from potential crisis to financial health and innovation. She now needs to consider how to integrate and embed the values that helped her drive change and foster collaboration, both at Providence and with its key partners. What more can she do to sustain positive change at Providence Healthcare through her values-based leadership and to win the support of key stakeholders well into the future? Much of the success thus far has depended on her values and character as a leader.
Learning Objective:
This case is suitable for use in organizational behaviour classes, health care management classes and in communication courses at the undergraduate or graduate level.

  • To discuss and analyze the role of character and values in leadership.
  • To demonstrate that good leadership involves commitment, competencies and character.
  • To develop strategies and skills for communicating leadership and change to multiple stakeholders.
  • To examine best practices in leadership, change management and organizational communication.
  • To examine and develop strategic employee and community engagement plans.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
Health Care Services
Canada, Large, 2014
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