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Sunrise Power: Charting Growth in Unexplored Areas
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14 pages (9 pages of text)
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Case (Gen Exp)
Sunrise Power, a first-generation mid-sized power and mining company in India, was considering geographical diversification in the African continent. While many African nations were rich in resources, they often lagged in economic indicators, and global companies hesitated to invest in infrastructure due to limited risk appetite. However, this left an opportunity for mid-sized firms such as Sunrise Power, so long as they could attain regulatory support and ensure high returns. Sunrise Power needed to evaluate the complexities in identifying the right market in Southern Africa. This included examining indicators like population, gross domestic product, energy demand forecasts, and electrification capacity. The firm also had to identify the critical success factors and assess the risks in the strategy planning process. Finally, it needed to design an organizational structure for its African venture so as to realize the benefits of diversification.
Learning Objective:
This case was designed to explore the business strategy development of a mid-sized firm. The target audiences are MBA students specializing in strategy, as well as middle- and senior-level managers in executive programs in management science. The case can be used in courses such as corporate strategy, strategy management, strategic marketing, operational strategy, and project management. After completion of the case, students will be able to
  • evaluate entry strategy for geographical diversification and assess critical success factors, including key external factors;
  • understand aspects of strategy development and the evaluation of strategic options; and
  • design an organizational structure with limited resources.
General Management/Strategy,  International,  Entrepreneurship
India, South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique, Medium, 2013
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