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Friends of Western Buddhist Order - Windhorse: Evolution
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8 pages (6 pages of text)
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Case (Field)
The Friends of Western Buddhist Order, an organization dedicated to spreading the teachings of Buddha in modern context, started a giftware company called Windhorse, with a two-part vision of making work a context for spiritual growth and raising money for charity. After operating for more than 20 years, Windhorse experienced challenges in keeping up with its rapid business growth. To bridge this gap, the company recruited non-Buddhists to the organization; however, many of the Buddhist members felt that the purpose and meaning that had bonded the members to the organization was fading. As a result, an increasing number of Buddhists started leaving the organization, while many new members were unwilling to work for the low remuneration. Was it viable for such a value-based organization to continue to pursue financial prosperity?
Learning Objective:
  • To acquaint entrepreneurs, business leaders and senior executives with the challenges and potential benefits of following ethical behaviour in a business context.
  • To discuss the significance of values in an organization, the important aspects related to organizational culture, the effects of national culture and the importance of meaningful work, ethical leadership and employee well-being.
  • To highlight the importance of recruiting employees who have organizational fit and the role of socialization and mentoring programs in their learning.

This case is suitable for MBA and postgraduate students in courses on human resource management and on organizational and human behaviour. Students will benefit from a familiarity with Buddhism’s Noble Eightfold Path, which may be acquired from suggested readings in the teaching note.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership,  International,  Entrepreneurship
Wholesale Trade
United Kingdom, Medium, 2012
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