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Search Engine Optimization: Note for Marketing Managers (Simplified Chinese version)
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This brief, non-technical note is aimed at marketing professionals and/or those in training. The note explores the value of search engine optimization (SEO), as well as its key concepts and some of the tactics that can help optimize online search performance. If a brand applies these tactics, customers (and potential customers) using search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask.com will be more likely to find effective information about that brand and its products. Several practical examples are used to highlight these strategies in use, and to illustrate what happens when they are ignored.
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This note is intended for MBA or senior undergraduate marketing students. Specifically, it would be most useful for courses on marketing strategy, interactive marketing and marketing communications. The primary objectives of the reading are as follows:
  • To familiarize students with SEO, its value and some of the basic concepts of online search.
  • To demonstrate industry examples so that students can see SEO tactics applied.
  • To provide avenues for additional learning to students who are interested in developing a further understanding of SEO and related topics.
Marketing,  Entrepreneurship
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