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Homero Rodriguez: Boundary Spanning at International Services Group
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5 pages (3 pages of text)
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Case (Gen Exp)
International Services Group (ISG) serves global and local clients with accounting solutions. ISG has grown substantially over the last few decades, thanks to a very pro-active management culture at the local subsidiary level. While this growth has been good, it has also introduced certain inefficiencies. ISG’s chief executive officer now wants to change the organization from a locally responsive structure to a globally integrated one by introducing a global accounting software program. The case describes how the implementation meeting, which was conducted in a video-conferencing format, failed. The case deals with boundary-spanning leadership issues across functional, cultural, hierarchical and geographic domains, and it highlights the managerial side of change.
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The case is suitable for various audiences, including executive education participants, MBA and undergraduate students. Ideally, the case would be positioned at the end or during the second half of a program/course on managing change, cross-cultural management or international management. The boundary-spanning theme is particularly important for explaining the role of managerial co-ordination and leadership across different contexts. The case also lends itself to discussions on global mindset or cross-cultural skills. Further, given that the scenario involves a local-versus-global integration quandary, the case can be used for either an exploratory introduction session or a rich wrapping-up discussion.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership,  International
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Global, Large, 2012
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