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Management Costs at CHIP: A Way Forward for a Pakistani NGO
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Case (Field)
The three founding members of the Civil Society Human and Institutional Development Programme (CHIP), a Pakistani not-for-profit organization, need to determine how to satisfy management and operational costs. CHIP is a mainstream development organization in Pakistan, with a focus on Human and Institutional Development. CHIP became successful by maintaining high standards of management practices. Such standards require regular financial support to account for the cost of institutional necessities, such as staff positions in financial and administration management and human resources. While international donors are willing to work with CHIP due to its high management standards, they are not willing to meet the costs of these standards.
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The case is best suited for MBA courses on introduction to management, human resource management and strategic management. The main objective of the case is to expose students to real life management challenges of a not-for-profit organization operating in the developing world. Students will learn to understand the differences between management of a not-for-profit organization and private or public sector organizations. The case also focuses on teaching students how an organizational structure unique to not-for-profits can affect organizational performance and costs.
General Management/Strategy,  International
Social Advocacy Organizations
Pakistan, Small, 2014
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