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Fundación Bringas Hahgenbeck (FBH): Serving the Needs of Mexican Senior Citizens (Spanish version)
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Case (Field)
The director of the Fundación Bringas Haghenback (FBH), a non-profit community service organization in Mexico City, was preparing to present alternative market strategies to the board of directors for the three senior citizen homes run by the foundation. She hired a consulting team to research the services and marketing of each home as well as the external environment. She knew the demographic shifts in the Mexican population projected a drastic need for senior living facilities but had not yet decided how to meet the need. She faced the challenge of compiling the information into a convincing recommendation.
Learning Objective:
  • Analyze the shifting demographics in Mexico and implications for product/service provision.
  • Evaluate internal and external environments for the foundation.
  • Develop a unique selling position in a crowded marketplace based on environmental analysis.
  • Select the most appropriate growth strategy for the foundation.
Depending on the focal point the instructor wishes to take with the case, the two most obvious course applications would be nonprofit management and marketing and Healthcare Management. An elective course on doing business in Latin America/economics might also find the topic and setting generates an interesting discussion.
Marketing,  International
Health Care Services
Mexico, Medium, 2012
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