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Mass Customization in Haifei Bus Company
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Case (Field)
The Haifei Bus Company (Haifei), the leader in bus manufacturing in China, specialized in research and development, production, and sales of passenger buses. In 2010, Haifei’s general manager was concerned with the business process re-engineering project the company had launched in 2009. The goal of this project was to transform Haifei’s standardized production mode to one of mass customization. The new mode would deliver a competitive advantage for Haifei.

However, the vice-general manager in charge of the project failed to create any improvement in the company’s performance. Instead, he had managed to intensify the existing internal conflicts within the company. The resulting decrease in production output, production inefficiencies, shrinking market share, and deteriorating financial position meant the general manager had to find a solution to deal with his vice-general manager’s performance. He was also responsible for assisting the various departments such as sales, procurement, logistics, and technology during the re-engineering process. How would the general manager direct Haifei, the former bus-industry leader, back to a position of prominence?
Learning Objective:
This case is suitable for use in MBA and undergraduate programs in courses on operations management, technical management, and project management. After completion of this case, students will be able to
  • assess the implementation strategy of a business process re-engineering (BPR) project;
  • understand the concepts, modes, implementation methods, and necessary conditions of mass customization;
  • learn the potential impacts of mass customization on other enterprises;
  • analyze, identify, and diagnose various bottlenecks in the process;
  • identify different indicators for measuring the performance of the project;
  • discover what roles information technology plays in the process;
  • identify the potential risks and challenges of BPR;
  • master the application of project management in BPR; and
  • evaluate a BPR implementation and identify the features of a successful project.
Operations Management,  International
China, Large, 2010
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