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Should London Police Arrest Prostitutes or Help Them?
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Case (Field)
In 2005, the police service in London, Ontario is faced with growing complaints about street-level prostitution in a neighbourhood trying to make an economic recovery. At the time, all Canadians are following the shocking case of Robert Pickton, a serial killer charged with the murder of over 20 prostitutes in Vancouver. The deputy chief asks the superintendent of Operations to devise a plan to deal with the local issue, including current news reports about the failure to solve a 10-year-old murder of a street worker. The latter recommends assigning an officer to begin a proactive approach to prostitution by monitoring and helping women to get free of the drug addictions that have led them into the business instead of arresting them. Is the superintendent overreacting to public pressure and sensational reports of events in Vancouver? Is this really a job for police? Can they sell this plan to their chief?
Learning Objective:
The case would be relevant for senior undergraduate, masters or executive level courses in organizational behaviour, human resources, strategy and public sector policy and management. Objectives are the following:

  • To examine choices around organizational mission and strategy, organizational response to rare events, issue selling, managing up and down and career planning.
  • To debate the strategic fit between the organization and the new program and the relationship between organizational purpose and actions, as well as softer issues such as social responsibility and goals of organizations beyond a financial bottom line.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
Public Administration
Canada, Large, 2005
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