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Goodjobz: Challenges in Creating a Giver Culture
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Case (Field)
GoodJobz was a non-profit organization that funded its job training and education programs by re-selling donated goods through its retail stores. The organization helped train over 11,000 people in 2012 and hoped to double that number within five years. To do so, the vice-president of marketing and community development believed that the organization should adopt a “giver” culture. After making significant progress in instilling a giver culture within his own department, he shifted his focus to another department: Business Services. However, the vice-president of business services hindered any efforts to do so. The vice-president of marketing and community development was faced with the challenge of how to handle this crisis.
Learning Objective:
Culture plays an important role in an organization’s success. Culture consists of the unwritten guidelines that guide the behaviour of employees. This case provides an illustration of one executive’s challenges in changing the culture of an organization. More specifically, the teaching objectives for this case include:

  • Understanding the importance of culture and appreciating the challenges involved in changing an organization’s culture.
  • Recognizing that gaining the support of peers is a challenging but necessary part of achieving one’s own goals.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
Social Advocacy Organizations
United States, 2013
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