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The WestJet Christmas Miracle (A)
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Case (Field)
WestJet, Canada’s second largest national airline, is preparing to launch a social media initiative to coincide with the year-end holiday season. As the company’s executive vice-president (Sales, Marketing and Guest Experience) reviews the plan, he is seeking answers to three questions. Does the proposed initiative fit or mismatch with WestJet’s brand image? Will the initiative deepen or dilute the engagement the airline currently enjoys with its guests (as it calls its passengers) and WestJetters (as it calls its employees)? What specific outcomes can WestJet achieve through the initiative and how can those outcomes be improved? Also see supplement 9B14A027.
Learning Objective:
  • Comparison and contrast of traditional media versus social media.
  • Introduction to the appropriate metrics to measure social media outcomes and success.
  • Strategizing how firms can build on earlier successes to create a virtuous cycle of social media success and customer delight.
  • Understanding that social media success cannot occur in a vacuum, but must be based on and be consistent with the existing corporate culture and ways of doing things.
This case is suitable for use in the promotion-related module of an introductory marketing course at the undergraduate, graduate or executive MBA level, or within the new media component of an elective in marketing promotion.
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Canada, Large, 2013
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Supplements: 9B14A027 (1 page)
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