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C&F Consulting, Inc.
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Case (Gen Exp)
In July 2009, C&F Consulting, Inc., based in Toronto, sends a team of five brand strategists to work with a client in China on marketing and advertising for a car brand specific to the North American market. The team, consisting of four men and one woman, often meet for dinner after their day’s work, which consists of conducting a crash course in North American-style marketing for the Chinese client’s cohort of new recruits. The woman feels that one of the men on the team treats her with great disrespect, bordering on sexual assault. If she brings up the issue, will all four of her male colleagues take offence? Will they gossip about her at the office and isolate her at work? What might be the impact on her career if she is perceived as anti-social or thin-skinned? How will her superiors react to her accusations? What is the definition of sexual assault in Canadian law, and can she pursue a civil case against her alleged assailant although the acts happened in a foreign country?
Learning Objective:
The case can be used in a course in gender issues or in a sensitivity training course to discuss how to manage difficult situations involving gender issues and think about the issue from various perspectives.
Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
Information, Media & Telecommunications
Canada, Small, 2009
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Translations: Simplified Chinese (6 pages)
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